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Key Features

ReactJS Training Course Overview

  • By studying the ideas behind ReactJS, Redux, and React Native, Nagpur IT’s ReactJS Certification Training will prepare you to create effective React apps.
  • You will learn how to create straightforward components and incorporate them into more intricate design elements in this ReactJS course
  • You will be able to create applications using ReactJS concepts like JSX, Redux, asynchronous programming using Redux-Saga middleware, fetch data using GraphQL, perform testing using Jest, deploy applications using Nginx and Docker in sequence, and create mobile applications using React Native after completing this ReactJS training.
  • You don’t need to go far as this course is available near Khamla sq.

Benefits of learning ReactJS

  • With its increased versatility and simplicity, ReactJS development has emerged as the future of web development. React JS Course will be the most popular web framework in 2023, according to data from a Statista survey, with 40.41% of software engineers using it globally to create web apps.
  • This shouldn’t be shocking considering the steady increase in demand for ReactJS developers over the past few years. Learning ReactJS Course opens the door to more employment opportunities, greater compensation, and a large community that supports it.

Job Requirements

With guidance from a reputed institute like Nagput IT Training Institute, you can look at career opportunities in the following fields –


  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • Full Stack Developer

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1200+ Happy Learners

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Skills Covered In ReactJs 

React Components

React State Management

React Event Handling

Routing in React

React Application Testing


For whom is ReactJS Course Certification Training appropriate?

ReactJS Training

These individuals can enrol in this ReactJS course :

  • Developers of the Front End (JavaScript) who are New and Aspiring
  • Developers of UI/UX
  • Web designers
  • Software developers who are switching from UI JavaScript Frameworks like Angular, Vue, and other related frameworks

What qualifications are needed to enrol in this top ReactJS Certification Course?

Programming fundamentals and concepts related to objects Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (you don't have to be an expert, however you should be familiar with the foundations of these areas)

Key Benefits of ReactJS Course

60 Hrs Practical Sessions

Interviews Arrangements

Assured Job Placement

Senior Front -end Developer

Certificate from Nagpur IT Training Institute

Resume preparation

Prepare Linkedin Profile

Regarding ReactJS Course 

A  JavaScript package called ReactJS is used to create user interfaces for online and mobile applications that are responsive and well-organized. It enables you to build intricate user interfaces out of discrete, little chunks of code known as "components."ReactJS can power native apps using React Native and can render on the server using Node. You can create applications with ReactJS that behave consistently, operate in many settings, and are simple to test and deploy.

ReactJs  Training Syllabus

Course Outline for ReactJS

The React JS course syllabus starts with the fundamentals, such as state, props, JSX and React components. Once these are finished, we'll move on to more complex ideas like data flow between components and component composition, unit testing, styling, and other useful utilities.

 ReactJs Course Syllabus

What is React.js?
Why React Instead Of "Just JavaScript"?
Building Single-Page Applications (SPAs) with React
Exploring React.js Alternatives (Angular / Vue)

JavaScript Refresher

Understanding “let” and “const”
Arrow Functions
Exports and Imports
Understanding Classes
Classes, Properties, and Methods
The Spread & Rest Operator
Reference and Primitive Types Refresher
Refreshing Array Functions
Wrap Up
Next-Gen JavaScript – Summary
JS Array Functions

React Basics & Working With Components

What Are Components? And Why Is React All About Them?
React Code Is Written In A “Declarative Way”!
A Note About New React Projects & NodeJS
Introducing JSX
How React Works
Building a First Custom Component
Writing More Complex JSX Code
Adding Basic CSS Styling
Outputting Dynamic Data & Working with Expressions in JSX
Passing Data via “props”
Adding “normal” JavaScript Logic to Components
Splitting Components Into Multiple Components

React State & Working with Events

Listening to Events & Working with Event Handlers
How Component Functions Are Executed
Working with “State”
A Closer Look at the “useState” Hook
The state can be updated in many ways!
Adding Form Input
Listening to User Input
Working with the Multiple States
Using One State Instead (And What’s Better)
Updating State That Depends On The Previous State
Handling Form Submission
Adding Two-Way Binding
Child-to-Parent Component Communication (Bottom-up)
Lifting The State Up

Rendering Lists & Conditional Content

Rendering Lists of Data
Using Stateful Lists
Understanding “Keys”

Styling React Components

Setting Dynamic Inline Styles
Setting CSS Classes Dynamically
Introducing Styled Components
Styled Components & Dynamic Props
Styled Components & Media Queries
Using CSS Modules
Dynamic Styles with CSS Modules

Debugging React Apps

Understanding React Error Messages
Analyzing Code Flow & Warnings
Working with Breakpoints
Using the React DevTools

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Tools / Software Covered in ReactJS

About ReactJS Course

What must I do to unlock my certificate for Nagpur IT React JS training?

You must make sure of the following in order to unlock Nagpur IT's React Training course completion certificate:
Attend this React Certification Training Course in its entirety.
Examining and finishing the projects and quizzes listed.

You need to finish the course and get at least an 80% on the test.

Is a career as a ReactJS Developer a wise choice?

As React continues to become more and more popular among organisations worldwide, demand for it has increased significantly. React is one of the most popular web development frameworks, and it can be used to build websites for a variety of industries, including social networking, e-commerce, travel, and others. By obtaining a React certification, professionals who want to further their professions using the most recent web development trends and technologies can do so.

Is it easy for beginners to learn ReactJS Course?

React is a user-friendly framework, so beginners can quickly become comfortable with it. It requires the proper guidance and a well-structured training programme in order to learn its capabilities and functionality. Beginners can enrol in our programme and obtain certificates to prove their proficiency in this field if they are interested in a career in React web development.

How much does value does ReactJS Certification have?

It is a framework that is widely used for building web applications. The right moment for candidates to enroll and obtain certification is now because there is a growing demand for React training and a wide range of lucrative work opportunities and positions in tech companies. This certification is highly advised due to the variety of employment opportunities and possibilities. Master React developer skills, and begin working right away.

What types of employment opportunities are there for ReactJS Certified individuals?

Our React certification course is intended to assess students' knowledge and build their skills. You will have access to a variety of work opportunities once you have earned this qualification. React developer, full-stack web developer, consultant, software engineer, front-end developer, web developer, and others are some of the most relevant job categories.

Why take a React JS training course?

Numerous popular apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Yahoo Mail, and many others, develop their user interfaces using React.

React Native can cut the development effort in half without sacrificing efficiency or quality, and it offers cross-platform development (for both iOS and Android).

Depending on the position (Front End Developer/Full Stack Developer), the typical income for "React Developer" ranges from $100,816 per year to $110,711 per year, according to

What are the benefits of the Nagpur IT React JS Certification course?

The demand for competent applicants has significantly increased as a result of the ongoing change in today's technologies and best practices. The key to your success is obtaining Nagpur IT React JS certification. It could be an useful addition to your resume that will make you stand out from your competitors. Due to our training programs, over 100+ industry experts have upgraded their positions within their respective firms.

ReactJS Training
Course Reviews
Komal Kakde
Their teaching environment and techniques are really good & efficient.
Mrunal Patle
One of the best Institute in IT sector. The member of this Institute is humble especially Amit sir.
Mohit Tiwari
Very nice Institute to learn any courses.
ankush raut
It was a great experience with Nagpur IT. Ashish sir helped me a lot for learning React Native. It was very fun learning under you . Thankyou Priyanka mam and Ashish sir for all your support.
Tushar Guntalwar
I had a great time doing this course and everyone involved in the Institute has made it a great experience. I look forward to doing more courses with you guys in the future and have been recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you for all the guidance, it has been delightful and very gratifying...
Mahima Shinde
Had a great experience learning from Ashish Sir. I never wanted to be a part of IT sector but as I got the opportunity to learn from sir my interest in coding increased.The work environment is very friendly and very easy going.
janvi patki
It was a great experience with NagpurIT. I joined before 3 months. Ashish sir helped me alot for learning React Js. It was a great time. Thankyou priyanka mam and ashish sir for all your support.
Tejaswini Dhage
I never thought I would learn programming languages so smoothly and become good at it. All thanks to Ashish sir and Priyanka ma’am. Their teaching environment and techniques are really good and efficient.
Tanuja Mandiye
It was great experience to get training from NagpurIt. All concept got cleared and teaching skills good. Thanks for being a good mentor and for guiding me on technical knowledge. I will always be thankful to Ashish Sir and NagpurIt team.
Dipali Bante
Nagpur IT is the best place for IT learners who want to start learning from scratch. Great learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

React: What is it?

React is a front end Javascript library that was created by Facebook. UI components for the web can be created using the user interface tool React. React would be little more than a template library if this were its only function. Developers construct components in React using JSX, which has a syntax like HTML. The state of the application (and its components) is kept outside of the Document Object Model by these encapsulated components, making it simple to give rich information to a component and preventing it from affecting the document object model. Components of React are capable of reacting to state changes in a dynamic and efficient manner. Utilizing React, you can build sophisticated web applications from simple components.

Is taking a ReactJS course worthwhile?

Yes, it's well worth studying React. There are two reasons for them. In the software development sector, React has long been in high demand. If you are able to master React coding, your chances of landing a job will increase. The effort is definitely worthwhile. Visitors won't accept dated websites that aren't updated with a page refresh. These users' needs are satisfied, and their experience is improved by React's dynamically updating HTML on a website page. React is a renowned technology that has been used for a long.


How might React classes aid your understanding of React JS? ‎

Nagpur IT provides a number of top React courses that cover React JS. These courses address developing hybrid mobile apps, setting up NoSQL databases like MongoDB, and interacting with clients via RESTful APIs. From the very foundations all the way up to creating complex, scalable web applications, our React JS course will educate you. Lectures, readings, and quizzes are used to provide lessons. There is also supplementary content available.


Classroom Training

What goals do we hope to achieve with this ReactJS Certification Training?

The learner will be able to: 

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of Web Development Architecture after completing the React Courses training.
  • Utilize React components to create an application.
  • Utilize routes for navigation
  • Create web applications with Redux and React.
  • Program Using Redux-Saga Middleware for Async Actions
  • Writing GraphQL queries
  • Use Jest to carry out test cases
  • Application deployment with Docker and Nginx
  • Create mobile apps with Native React

How long will the ReactJS course take to complete?

The time it takes to develop, release, and maintain a production-ready ReactJS application might range from one to six months. It all depends on your programming abilities, your familiarity with the fundamentals of web development, your learning route, the React training package you select, and the amount of effort you put in.

With Nagpur IT's ReactJS training, you can learn how to construct ReactJS applications quickly and effectively. In that case, you are already in the proper place if you are looking for the top React JS course.

Does Nagpur IT Training Institute issue certificate for completing its React JS courses?

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate from Nagpur IT Training Institute at the conclusion of this React JS training. This certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge and abilities needed to manage real-world React JS projects.

ReactJS Training