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React-Native Training Course

The React Native Training from Nagpur IT is an integrated professional course designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge of React Native, a mobile application framework used for the development of mobile applications for Android, iOS, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), and the web. Our training is designed and delivered by professional experts who have worked in the software application development industry for 18+ years, with a focus on mobile app development using the React Native framework. Our React Native training course is designed to give our trainees as much practical experience as possible while also providing industry insights into the mobile application development industry, ensuring that they are experts in the professional use and application of React Native for developing mobile applications.

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Introduction to React-Native

What is React-Native
IDE (code editor)
First, install Mac users
First, install Windows users

Running simulators and setting up environment

Expo or not expo
Installing Android studio mac and window
Environment variables Mac only
Environment variables Windows only
Windows quick fix for expo
Running an expo app
App without expo
Running the Android simulator
Running the IOS simulator



RN Basics

Starting with RN
Style stylesheets view and text
Component and states
Touch events
Touch events part 2
Text inputs
The scroll view
Activity indicator
Working with images
Using Modals




Installing navigation
Stack navigation
Working with params
Navigation Bar
Navigation buttons
The side drawer
More on the side drawer
Custom side drawer
Tab navigation
Nesting navigators

Working with Libraries

Installing the image baker
Using the image picker
Installing the contacts library
Solving issues
Using the contacts library
Installing react-native elements
Using react-native elements

More on react native

Reusable components
The platform
More on the components
Parallel and sequence animations
Creating launch icons
Installing splash screen
Splash screen IOS
Splash screen Android


Tiny Practice Project (Who pays the bill)

Installation and context
Creating the input and validation
Creating the list of players
Starting the stage 2 and toast
Creating the stage 2
Installing fonts and finishing app


Integrating Redux and Firebase

Installing redux
Dispatching an action
Integrating firebase and creating forms
Register and log in with firebase


React Native

What is React Native?
Starting with RN
Installing tools (Mac users)
Installing tools (Window users)
Installing Android Studio (Mac and Win users)
Ejecting expo apps
Running Android simulator(WIN and Mac users)
Windows environment variables(WIN users)
Running on expo
Running IOS simulator(MAC users)
First look at the structure
Styles, view, and text
Buttons and touch events
Components and State
More on touchable
Handling inputs
Adding users to the list
Using the scroll view
The picker component
The slider component
Activity indicator
Working with images
Using modals
Intro to react navigation
Installing R.Navigation and running sim
Stack navigator and liking screen
Navigation params
Customizing the header bar


Practice Project Red Wire

Setting up redux
Navigation part one
Navigation part two
Custom side drawer
Installing fonts
Pimp the header
Creating the article cards
Creating the articles screen
Creating the videos screen
Adding youtube videos
Email and password from the profile
Creating the user data form
Login users screen part one
Login users screen part two
Starting a firebase project
Register users
Login users
Auto sign-in users
Logout user and fix auto sign in
Updating user profile part 1
Updating user profile part 2
Getting articles
fetching more articles
Showing article data




Practice Project : NBA App

Project overview
Installing react and dependencies
Setting up redux
Adding react-navigation
Login logo and background
Form reusable inputs
Finishing inputs and error states
Adding the buttons
Adding validation
Finishing validation
Submitting the form
Using redux before the server
Sign up the user
Sign in user
Saving the token on the storage
Adding the auto-sign in
Styling the header tab
Icons and style on the bottom bar
Preparing the news
Showing new cards
Finishing the new cards
Installing and using fonts
Creating the new article
Getting the games from F base
Getting the games from F base part 2
Finishing the game’s main screen
Creating the games video screen
Finishing the game’s video screen
Final project code


Live Project

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