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Python Training Course

Python is a deciphered, object-oriented programming languages like PERL, which has picked up prevalence due to its unmistakable linguistic structure and comprehensibility.

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Why do we need Python?
Program structure

Environment Setup

Python Installation
Execution Types
What is an interpreter?
Interpreters vs Compilers
Using the Python Interpreter
Interactive Mode
Running python files
Working with Python shell
Integrated Development Environments (IDES)
Interactive Mode Programming
Script Mode Programming

Basic Concepts

Basic Operators
Types of Operator
Python Arithmetic Operators
Python Comparison Operators
Python Assignment Operators
Python Bitwise Operators
Python Logical Operators
Python Membership Operators (in, not in)
Python Identity Operators (is, is not)
Python Operators Precedence

Data Types

Assigning Values to Variables
Multiple Assignment
Python Numbers
Python Strings
Accessing Values in Strings
String Special Operators
String Formatting Operator
Triple Quotes
Built-in String Operations
Python Lists
Accessing Values in Lists
Updating Lists
Delete List Elements
Basic List Operations
Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes
Built-in List Functions & Methods
Python Tuples
Accessing Values in Tuples
Updating Tuples
Delete Tuple Elements
Basic Tuples Operations
Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes
Built-in Tuple Functions
Python Dictionary
Accessing Values in Dictionary
Updating Dictionary
Delete Dictionary Elements
Properties of Dictionary Keys
Built-in Dictionary Functions & Methods

Loops and Decision

if statements
..else statements
nested if statements
while loop
for loop
nested loops
Loop Control Statements
break statement
continue statement
pass statement


Defining a Function
Calling a Function
Pass by reference vs value
Function Arguments
Required arguments
Keyword arguments
Default arguments
Variable-length arguments
The return Statement
Scope of Variables
Global vs. Local variables

Basic OOPs Concept

Creating class in Python
Documented String
Private Identifier

Python Modules and Packages

Framework vs Packages
Why are modules used?
Creating modules
The import Statement
The from…import Statement
The from…import * Statement
Locating Modules
Namespaces and Scoping
The dir( ) Function
The globals() and locals() Functions
The reload() Function
Packages in Python


Overview of SQLite
Integrating Python with SQLite

Other Concepts

Errors and Exception Handling
Standard exceptions
Assertions in Python
The assert Statement
What is Exception?
Handling an exception
The except Clause with No Exceptions
The except Clause with Multiple Exceptions
The try-finally Clause
Argument of an Exception
Example with Tkinter Application

Advanced Concept -- Overviews

Basics of Pandas and Numpy
How to use Anaconda
Overview of Django

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