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Overview Of  The C & C++ Course In Nagpur

Nagpur IT’s C programming certification course has been designed by industry experts to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to design and develop robust applications and software. This C programming course is entirely hands-on, and you will become familiar with core topics such as variables, data types, functions, operators, control flow statements, and Arrays, as well as advanced topics such as user-defined data types, pointers, and memory allocation through industry use cases. Enroll in this C programming course to become a certified professional.

Top industry experts have approved Nagpur IT’s C++ Programming Course, which is designed to satisfy industry benchmarks. You will gain in-depth knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Coding Styles and Design Patterns, Generic Programming, and Standard Template Libraries through this C++ programming course. With examples from the business world, this online C++ course helps you understand other ideas including the C++ Compiler Toolchain, STL Algorithms and Iterators, Hex Overview, Debugging Options, and Debugging. Enroll in this online C++ course to earn your professional certification. You don’t need to go far as this course is available near Sadar.

Advantages of studying C & C++ Course

C & C++ are one of the oldest programming languages that cannot be replaced because it is at the heart of every machine.There are lots of advantages to C & C++ programming that are dependent on these positive points, which can undoubtedly define the functionality of C & C++ in a better way.


  • Building block for many other programming languages
  • Quality to extend itself

  • Powerful and efficient language

  • Structured programming language

  • System-programming

    100+ Ratings

    1200+ Happy Learners

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    C & C ++ Programming

    Which Compiler of C & C ++ should be used?

    • Visual Studio Code
    • Eclipse
    • Net Beans
    • Code::Blocks
    • Dec-C++

    Why do people use C & C ++ ?

    • Because of its performance, C & C++ is used to create games, desktop apps, operating systems, browsers, and other applications.
    • Learning other programming languages such as Java, Python, and others will be much easier after learning C & C++.
    • C & C++ enables you to comprehend a computer's internal architecture, as well as how it stores and retrieves data.
    • There are no prerequisites needed to enrol in a C & C++ certificate online course because anyone with a programming aptitude may learn this language, even if they have never viewed the source code of an application or website!

    Skills Covered In C & C++ Programming

    General Programming Concepts

    Input and Output

    How Variables works

    Conditions and Control Flow

    Differents Types of Loops

    Function and Recursions




    Objectives for C & C++ Programming Course

    What are the goals of our training programme for the C certification?

    Following this training, you will be capable of:

    • Use functions to reuse code and compact the programme.
    • Use conditional statements to divide the programme into logical sections and make decisions depending on specific circumstances.
    • Utilize looping statements to simplify your code.
    • Utilize arrays to store information.
    • Utilize union and structures to combine various types of data.
    • Create initial pointers and declare them to allocate memory dynamically.

    Why study C & C++ ?

    C is a highly capable general-purpose programming language. It can be used to create software such as operating systems, databases, and compilers. For beginners, C programming is an excellent language to learn. C helps you understand a computer’s internal structure and how it stores and retrieves information. Learning C will help you learn a variety of other programming languages that use C as their foundation by borrowing C’s features and syntax, such as Java and C++.

    The TIOBE index places C++ as the fourth most popular language in the world right now. It is utilised in many fields that require high-performance software. For instance, C++ is used in the development of Adobe products, Unreal Engine, and browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Since many programmes still have processing speed bottlenecks and since those issues won’t go away, C++ is still useful. As competitors to Rust severely lack ecosystem support for many use cases, it is currently one of the best options for rapid applications.

    Additionally, there are considerable advantages to manual memory management when learning a language. C++ brings you considerably closer to the hardware, which will help you comprehend how computers operate.

    What qualifications are required for C & C++ Training?

    There are no such prerequisites for our C & C++ Certification Training. However, prior knowledge of any programming language will be helpful but is not at all mandatory.

    Who should enrol in this course for C & C++ certification?

    Anyone interested in learning about developing high-performance applications can enrol in this C & C++programming certification course. Additionally, anyone who wishes to learn the C & C++ language’s fundamentals can enrol in this C & C++ Programming Certification Training.

    Near by C & C++ Training Centers and Institutes

    C & C++ are the most widely used programming language. You might be looking for C & C++ Training Classes near you or  Institutes near you on Google if you live in Nagpur  and want to study C & C++ or if you want to visit Nagpur and learn C & C++.

    You can use Google Maps to search for Nagpur IT Training Institute from your current location and see that one of our offices is between 5 and 10 kilometres away. Thus, Google Nagpur IT Training Institute will be your finest option if you’re seeking for C & C++ Training Classes or C & C++ Institutes nearest. If you are searching for C & C++ Institute in Nagpur on google you can get the information of all courses as we are available near Sadar.

    You will learn C & C++ course from the very fundamentals up to more advanced topics in Nagpur IT Training Institute course. 

    C & C++ Programming Training Key Features

    40 Hrs Practical Learning

    Interview Preparation

    Lecture delivered by an experienced developer

    Certificate from Nagpur IT Training Institute

    Resume Preparation

    Prepare Linkedin profile

    Prerequisites for C & C++ Programming Training.


    This course is suitable for candidates having no programming background. It is advantageous for the candidates to have IT background but not mandatory. It is also possible for professionals already in IT to switch to new roles in their organization by learning this course.

    C & C++ Programming
    Introduction To C

    What is C
    The C character set
    Constants, Variables, and Keywords
    Types of Constants in C
    Types of C Variables
    C Keywords

    C Contents

    Creating Print Statements
    File Manipulation

    C Instruction

    Types of instructions
    Type declaration instruction
    Arithmetic instruction
    Integer and float conversions
    Hierarchy of Operations
    Associativity of operations
    Control instruction


    What is a Function?
    why use functions?
    Passing values between functions
    Order of passing Arguments
    Using library functions
    One dicey issue
    Return type of function


    Call by value and call by reference
    An introduction to Pointers
    Pointer Notation
    Back to function calls


    What are Arrays?
    A simple program using Array
    More on Arrays
    Array Initialization
    Array elements in memory
    Bounds checking
    Passing Array elements to a function
    Pointers and Array
    Accessing Array elements using Pointers
    Passing an Array to a function
    The Real Thing
    Flexible Arrays


    What are Strings?
    More about strings
    Pointers and Strings

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    About C & C ++ Programming Course

    Exam & Certification in C & C ++ Training ?

    A certificate of completion is provided with our introductory C & C ++ training. We at Nagpur IT Training Institute provide a certificate of completion of C & C++ training along with placement assistance as we have tie-ups with various companies in Nagpur. We have company tie-ups in areas like Sadar, Hingna Road, IT Park, MIHAN etc.

    These are the exam’s specifics-

    There will be 25 objective-type questions on the exam, which will last an hour. You must receive 80% or higher to receive your certificate.

    What is C & C ++?

    The C programming language is a procedural and general-purpose language that provides low-level access to system memory. A C programme must be run through a C compiler before it can be executed by a computer. 

    The C++ language is a combination of object-oriented and procedural programming languages.

    Which companies rely on the abilities of C & C ++ ?

    C & C ++ is used by –

    • Adobe
    • Apple
    • Blizzard
    • Evernote
    • Google
    • LinkedIn
    • Meta
    • Microsoft
    • NASA
    • Netflix
    What are the top Application Develop by C & C ++ ?

    C & C ++ was used to develop the following renowned applications –

    • Adobe
    • Window OS
    • Amazon.com
    • Microsoft Office
    • Spotify
    • You tube

    Career After  C & C ++ Course.

    • Animator

    Animators are professionals who create animated graphics for videos, movies, and games. To develop concepts, they frequently collaborate with teams of creative professionals such as artists, writers, voice actors, and designers.

    • Programmer

    Programmers are technology professionals who use programming languages to write code. They could be working on games, apps, websites, search engines, databases, or other projects.

    • Web developer

    Web developers are specialised programmers who design webpage functions. They create websites through coding and may collaborate with other professionals such as graphic designers, copywriters, and artists to complete them.

    Course Reviews

    Komal Kakde
    Their teaching environment and techniques are really good & efficient.
    Mrunal Patle
    One of the best Institute in IT sector. The member of this Institute is humble especially Amit sir.
    Mohit Tiwari
    Very nice Institute to learn any courses.
    ankush raut
    It was a great experience with Nagpur IT. Ashish sir helped me a lot for learning React Native. It was very fun learning under you . Thankyou Priyanka mam and Ashish sir for all your support.
    Tushar Guntalwar
    I had a great time doing this course and everyone involved in the Institute has made it a great experience. I look forward to doing more courses with you guys in the future and have been recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you for all the guidance, it has been delightful and very gratifying...
    Mahima Shinde
    Had a great experience learning from Ashish Sir. I never wanted to be a part of IT sector but as I got the opportunity to learn from sir my interest in coding increased.The work environment is very friendly and very easy going.
    janvi patki
    It was a great experience with NagpurIT. I joined before 3 months. Ashish sir helped me alot for learning React Js. It was a great time. Thankyou priyanka mam and ashish sir for all your support.
    Tejaswini Dhage
    I never thought I would learn programming languages so smoothly and become good at it. All thanks to Ashish sir and Priyanka ma’am. Their teaching environment and techniques are really good and efficient.
    Tanuja Mandiye
    It was great experience to get training from NagpurIt. All concept got cleared and teaching skills good. Thanks for being a good mentor and for guiding me on technical knowledge. I will always be thankful to Ashish Sir and NagpurIt team.
    Dipali Bante
    Nagpur IT is the best place for IT learners who want to start learning from scratch. Great learning experience.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    How long will it take for me to complete this C++ course at Nagpur IT?

    You will complete the course within 2 and 2.5 months of blended learning.


    Is this C & C++ course available online or offline in sadar C & C++ Institute?

    This C & C++ course is available in both modes online and offine. The offline classes are available near Sadar .



    Can I get certification after completing the C++ course?

    Yes, you will get a certificate through Nagpur IT Training Institute.


    Who is my instructor?

    Our trainer has experience of more than 18+ years in the IT industry and will guide you in all the phases of learning.


    Should I prefer an Online or Offline class?

    If possible we recommend you to take offline classes as it is available near Sadar Nagpur as all your doubts will get cleared more effectively in an offline class. You can solve exercises and assignments in the class itself and your mentor can guide you accordingly.


    Classroom Training

    class room

    C & C ++ Certification Course

    • With good reason, C & C ++ is the most popular programming language in the world of IT. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a growing need for C & C ++ programmers both in India and abroad.
    • Professionals and recent graduates who want to work in the IT industry as C & C ++ programmers can profit from a C & C ++ certification in the form of higher pay scales, more hiring opportunities, and more opportunities for promotions.
    • C & C++ training online and offline ( near Sadar), Nagpur IT Training Institute will assist you in learning about the fundamentals of the programming language.
    • Our instructors lay a strong emphasis on utilising C & C ++ as the foundation to study current developments occurring in the real world.
    • Additionally, you will participate in real-world projects that will allow you to practice using C & C ++ as a programming language.
    • We have carefully planned out our course content so that both novice programmers and seasoned programmers interested in C & C ++ can learn the essential skills.
    • Contact us right away if you want more information!

    C & C ++ Course

    What distinguishing qualities does C & C ++ have?

    • It features commands that resemble words from the English language.
      Its platform is open-source.
    • With its strong library, it excels in specialised applications like game development
    • It satisfies all requirements for producing logical Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

    How can C & C ++ help you succeed?

    • We will walk you through every aspect of the C & C ++ language so you may get the knowledge and understanding required to utilise it effectively and develop into a seasoned Programmer.

    Who is my tutor?

    • Our knowledgeable instructors, who are authorities in the industry and have years of expertise in the sector, will provide the C & C ++ training course offered at Nagpur IT Training Institute through online/offline lectures and in-person sessions.

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